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License information

This license information applies to any original content (“Content”) by Andrew Ziem on the web site. The Content is Copyright © by Andrew Ziem. All rights reserved.

Copyrights, fair use, and plagiarism

Copyrights, fair use, and plagiarism are often misunderstood but essential to the spirit of and other open source software. Fair use basically grants you limited rights to copyrighted materials (more limited than you may realize). For example, you may include a brief quotation under the condition you cite the source.

For more information, consult these resources:

Hyperlinks to the original article are appreciated and also help your readers find more information.


This license information applies to any original Content by Andrew Ziem on the web site. This license is extends the rights of Fair Use.

Non-commercial translations to non-English languages

You may post translations in non-English languages the full or partial article of the original Content on other web sites with any or all the original pictures (from under several conditions: (1) the site featuring the translation is non-commercial and displays no advertising and (2) there is a clear notice like “Translated from (name of article)” near the beginning of your translation (3) there are one or more hyperlinks to the original article on (4) these hyperlinks do not use rel=“nofollow” attribute (5) and your translation is covered by this license.

Commercial usage and articles in English

For articles with multiple pictures, you may include one picture provided you also include a hyperlink to the original article.


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