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Testing odf-converter-integrator

How to test odf-converter-integrator and the results of those tests.

Testing procedure

  1. Does the .rpm / .deb / .exe install?
  2. (optional) Can you run the OdfConverter executable without library errors or a segfault? Its path is /usr/bin/OdfConverter on Linux and c:\program files\odf-converter-integrator\OdfConverter.exe on Windows. You must run it from a terminal window (such as Bash or CMD.EXE). This step is just for troubleshooting, and you don't have to use it convert a document. If OdfConverter starts, that is good enough. You can skip this step and come back to it if conversion of document fails.
  3. Can you open the some documents?
    1. Convert the document from a terminal window. Watch the terminal window for any errors. You can ignore the errors about the OOo path autodetection.
    2. Convert the document from your desktop (GNOME, KDE, Windows Explorer)
    3. Convert the document from your the web browser (Firefox, etc.)
    4. Convert the document as an attachment from your email application (Thunderbird, Outlook, etc.)
  4. Uninstall odf-converter-integrator. Verify the file type associations are removed (as if you never installed it).
    1. In Windows, you should be able to uninstall from the Start > Applications > odf-converter-integrator menu or through the control panel.

Sources of documents

Test results

Not a complete listing. Send your results.

odf-converter-integrator OS Results
0.1.3 Mandriva 2008, 32-bit Mandriva 2.2.1 Good but RPM complains unnecessarily about
0.1.3 Chocolate Ubuntu 7.10, 32-bit Ubuntu 2.4.0 Good
0.1.3 Windows XP, 32-bit 2.3.1 Good
0.1.0 Fedora 7 32-bit Vanilla 2.4.0 Good
0.1.0 Fedora 9 alpha 32-bit Fedora 2.?? ??
0.1.0 Ubuntu 7.10 32-bit Ubuntu 2.3.? OK
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