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odf-converter-integrator change log

This is the change log for odf-converter-integrator.

0.2.3 not yet released

  • Upgrade from OdfConverter 2.5 to 3.0 for better quality conversions and better compatibility with the new ODF (OpenDocument Format) version 1.1
  • Linux: Use NRV2E executable compression instead of LZMA to improve startup speed.
  • Ubuntu: Fix compatibility with Ubuntu 9.04 and 3. (Before there was an error “Read-Error: Data could not be read from file” when trying to open a document.)
  • Windows: Use solid LZMA installer compression for faster, smaller download
  • Windows: Request administrator privileges to install on Vista and Windows 7 to prevent permissions errors during installation

0.2.2 released 1 February 2009

  • Linux: Apply upstream fix for serious bug which prevented conversion of any .xlsx/.xltx files
  • Windows: no changes (so latest for Windows is still 0.2.1)

0.2.1 released 7 December 2008

  • Upgrade from OdfConverter 2.0 to 2.5 with many useful updates including more accurate translations and support for templates (dotx, xlsx, potx, etc.).
  • Handle situation where original file is in a read-only directory
  • Various, small fixes
  • Windows: Upgrade py2exe from 0.6.8 to 0.6.9
  • Windows: Upgrade Python from 2.5 to 2.6.1
  • Windows: Upgrade NSIS installer form 2.40 to 2.41

Article: "A Better Office .docx Converter" (8 December 2008)

0.2.0 released 16 November 2008

  • Upgrade from OdfConverter 1.1.7 to 2.0 with many useful updates including more accurate translation
  • Windows: Upgrade NSIS installer
  • Windows: Switch from Novell's giant binary which includes Mono to the upstream binary (smaller)
  • Windows: Install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 runtime (if not installed; now required)
  • Windows: Add icon for application and document types
  • Windows: Associate more file types such as .docm and .xltx and .potx
  • Linux: Include to increase compatibility between Linux distributions

0.1.5 released 10 April 2008

  • Windows: Fix file type registration (thanks to tip from Arnauld Van Muysewinkel)
  • Linux strawberry: If KDE is detected, prefer the KDE file openers (to honor KDE file associations) and KDE dialogs (thanks to tip from Gustavo Homem)
  • Linux strawberry: Add KDE file opener (Gustavo Homem)
  • Linux strawberry: Add mime type association files for old Linux distributions (Gustavo Homem)

0.1.4 released 3 April 2008

  • Ubuntu Chocolate edition: allow either libgif4 or libungif4 as dependency

0.1.3 released 14 March 2008

  • Add robust Python integration script for Linux—previously used just for Windows
  • Added chocolate edition, a special edition enhanced for Ubuntu
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