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odf-converter-integrator is an easy way to open Microsoft Office 2007 files (also called Office Open XML, .docx, .xlsx, and .pptx) with a high-quality conversion on any Linux or Windows system in any

odf-converter-integrator uses the high-quality odf-converter code (which converts between Office Open XML and OpenDocument) as packaged by Novell and integrates it into the operating system. That means when you click on a .docx/.xlsx/.pptx file on a web page, in an email attachment, or your desktop, odf-converter-integrator springs into action, converts the .docx/.xlsx/.pptx to an .odt/.ods/.odp, and then automatically opens the new document in, StarOffice, Abiword, KWord, Gnumeric, Microsoft Office 2003, or whatever is your default ODF editor.

odf-converter-integrator is simply a little glue to overcome the integration limitation of the Novell odf-converter, which cannot integrate into most editions of (such as the vanilla/Sun Microsystems edition, Fedora, OxygenOffice, and others).

Out of the box version 3 opens Microsoft Office 2007 documents, but often odf-converter-integrator converts with better quality. See the article "A better .docx converter" for details.

On Ubuntu, odf-converter-integrator works even better: the integration is more seamless, and it saves in Microsoft Office formats with high quality too!

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For instructions on how to test and the results of those tests, see test.


Instructions on how to install odf-converter-integrator. Separately you may wish to install the Office 2007 fonts.

Fedora/Red Hat/CentOS

The same RPM should work any Fedora version regardless of whether you use Fedora or vanilla


If you use the edition of that came with Ubuntu (most common), install odf-converter-integrator chocolate edition. If you downloaded and installed the vanilla from the web site (less common), then install the strawberry edition.


If you use the Novell/SUSE edition of, you don't need odf-converter-integrator. Just install Novell's odf-converter.

Microsoft Windows

If you don't already have it, install Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later.

Then, just download odf-converter-integrator and run the installation program. If you use, StarOffice, Abiword, or Gnumeric, that's it.

How to use

Using odf-converter-integrator depends which edition you use.

odf-converter-integrator: strawberry edition

The strawberry edition of odf-integrator-converter works with all editions of, Abiword, KWord, Gnumeric, etc. However, the strawberry edition does not open documents from within, so to open a .docx/.xlsx/.pptx document, double click on it from your file browser (such as the place on your desktop), or from a web page, or from an email.

odf-converter-integrator: chocolate edition for Ubuntu

If you use the Ubuntu edition of, install the chocolate edition of odf-converter-integrator. The chocolate edition imports and exports Microsoft Office 2007 formats seamlessly.


Do you need help? Post your questions in the forums.


If you find any bugs in the integrator (such as installation issues), post them in the odf-converter-integrator bug tracker. If you find any bugs in the converter (such as formatting problems with specific documents), report them to odf-converter bug tracker

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